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London's Historic City Wall Walk (1-2 days)

London's Historic City Wall Walk (1-2 days)
Remains of London's Roman City Wall

Did you know that London was occupied by the Romans? Did you know that they built a wall around the Old City of London?

Did you also know that some of that wall still exists today?!

If you're planning a trip to this massive city, you will probably be told of all the usual sightseeing places to visit (& there are a lot!).

If you are interested in history then this is the itinerary for you.

Come with me as I take you on a walk around London's ancient city wall. Along the way, I'll point out tourist sights as well as "unknown" London which includes hidden gems down alleyways and rarely known facts about buildings and areas.

This itinerary can be done in either one day or two days, depending how long you wish to stay at each attraction. If you just wish to walk the wall then 1 day is enough. If you wish to take your time and see everything then 2 days is recommended.

You can walk the wall and visit some places on this itinerary completely free of charge. If you visit everything in this itinerary then you can expect to spend £40 per person (US $70 / €50) plus any food you wish to purchase along the way.

Only three places in this itinerary charge admission fees (The Tower of London, The Guildhall Art Gallery, and St Paul's Cathedral).

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31 Mar 2016


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