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Weekend Tour of Portland's Craft Breweries, Wineries, & Distilleries

Weekend Tour of Portland's Craft Breweries, Wineries, & Distilleries
Growlers from The Jupiter Hotel

Currently, Portland, Oregon boasts of having more craft breweries within its city limits than any other city, as well as being home to a growing urban winery and distillery culture. In addition, the city is host to a plethora of coffee roasters and a few chocolate factories.

The following is an itinerary that will enable one to sample a diverse range of this city's offerings over a weekend. Take advantage of Portland's bicycle culture by cycling to the various destinations. The roads are relatively flat and very easy to traverse. The buses and streetcars run on reduced schedules on the weekends and one will not be able to cover all these destinations if relying on public transportation.

The best way to sample these urban wines is to order a flight, which is a sampling of 4-5 wines. Distillers offer a small taste of five of their spirits. Beer recommendations are made based on their notable offerings, though one can also check out a range of a brewery's options by ordering a sampler tray. Also, the prices listed in the itinerary are for one adult to sample an entire flight of wine or a pint of beer. More moderate or fiscally savvy drinkers can cut down on the cost and overall alcohol consumption by splitting flights and pints.

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13 Aug 2015


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