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Beginner's Iceland - A four-day self-drive itinerary

Beginner's Iceland - A four-day self-drive itinerary

Iceland is one of Europe's most enticing and unique holiday destinations. It's no overstatement to say that its scenery is world class. It's simple to rent a car and get out on the open road to explore it for yourself. Route 1 encircles the entire island, so if you have a couple of weeks, you'd be able to see the country's highlights. Most people, however, only go for a few days and don't see much beyond its capital city, Reykjavik. If you're one of those visitors that don't have the luxury of having weeks to vacation at a leisurely pace or your budget will only stretch to a short break, then this four day itinerary will ensure that you return home having seen the must-see sights.

Once almost prohibitively expensive, favourable exchange rates now give you more clout for your krona and you'll find prices more in line with the rest of Europe. Just a short hop from major European cities such as London, and with Icelandair offering stopover packages to and from North America, it's never been easier to get there.

This guide will help you explore well-trodden landmarks like the natural wonders of Geysir and Gullfoss in addition to less well known sights like the charming Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon and the quaint turf covered houses on a farm at Keldur. It will lead you to a remote beach where you'll find a decades-old plane wreck and to the windiest bridge in the country where you can quite literally walk from Europe to North America. You'll find out about the tradition of eating shark meat at a tiny museum hidden up a gravel track at Bjarnarhöfn on the scenic Snæfellsnes peninsula, and why you must never consume your hákarl fresh. And of course, you won't miss the best of Iceland's water-based attractions: the phenomenally beautiful Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon and the luxurious Blue Lagoon spa.

With suggestions on where to eat and which hotels to choose, plus clear step-by-step maps leading the way, this guide will take the effort out of your Iceland trip planning, leaving you free to focus on the amazing sights that will make this a trip to remember. Note that this itinerary is designed as an add-on to a Reykjavik stay and doesn't cover the capital's tourist attractions.

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22 Nov 2015


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