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Natasha Shakira Agaki

Originally From: Lucky Gardens, Brunei Darussalam.

Travel Status: Working and exploring in Australia

Country Count: 10

I grew up in Brunei Darussalam, in an International School flooded with people of different cultures, traditions, customs and values. The diversity was celebrated relentlessly - and once you've had a taste of such vibrancy in your formative years, there's a tendency to keep chasing it!

So much so, that Travel has become one of my biggest passions. It's the romantic in me.

It's not just about the amazing people and varied cultures, but about the movement, exploration and discovery. It's about forming bonds with people and places, and the wanderlust that draws you to seek adventure and experience in a new corner of the globe, all the time. 

These days I'm staying in the beautiful Australia as I explore, work, write and save for a big road trip down the East Coast and beyond. "Heaps" (as they say), to look forward to.


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