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Julia Hammond

Originally From: Essex

Travel Status: Next trip always planned!

Twitter: @juliamhammond

Blog: www.juliahammond.co.uk

Country Count: 106

Trained as a geographer, I have an excuse to be just about anywhere when I'm not at home.  Travel is my passion.  When I'm not on the road, I am busy planning my next trip with my two adorable Golden Retrievers at my feet.  Exploring new places is addictive and I have no intention of stopping just yet.   Happiest as an independent traveller, I like to be unconstrained by tour leaders and packages, wandering where I please.

I'm also a writer of a wide range of travel articles published in various newspapers and magazines such as Wanderlust, Mail Travel and a couple of Bradt's anthologies.  I blog regularly for Go4Travelblog, Treetop Asia and Just Go Russia amongst others.  I'm a longstanding member of Leigh Travel Club and give regular talks.  Maintaining a record of my travels is important to me as you can see for yourself on my website: www.juliahammond.co.uk.  You can also keep up with what I'm doing on my blog at juliamhammond.wordpress.com.


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