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Linda Goin

Originally From: Clifton Forge, Virginia

Travel Status: Stationary for the next month or two...

Twitter: @LindaGoin

Blog: http://offthetracks.info/

Country Count: 7

My current home town is La Grange, Kentucky, and I landed here after traveling (like a gypsy) and moving to several different states. Originally from Clifton Forge, Virginia, my father introduced the entire family to traveling during his annual summer vacations. By the time I entered grade school, we had already moved from Virginia to Pennsylvania.

While I went my own way to Atlanta upon graduation, my father continued to move the family to several other states after he retired. I moved to the Gulf Coast, then to Colorado, then to Connecticut and on to Florida before I settled in Chicago for a while. From there, after I earned my master's degree in history (how can I travel and not love history?), I moved to Louisville. On a visit to La Grange one day, my future husband and I fell in love with the town and the train and ended up buying a house here.

Like Carlos Castenda's Don Juan in the book, Journey to Ixtlan, I finally found my rock.

I've been to England, Wales, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Canada, Hawaii, and I lived for a year in Melbourne, Australia. Although I had plenty of adventures, I didn't begin writing until the early 1990s after many years as a graphic designer. I'm the happy recipient of several Colorado Press Association awards, and I make my living as an online content developer for several clients. I'm also writing a memoir about caregiving my mother, who died from bile duct cancer in June, 2014.

Although I wasn't born in La Grange, I served as Main Street manager for the Main Street program here for two years, and I am deeply involved in the arts. Plus, I maintain a website calendar and blog for arts and entertainment throughout the county. Writing this itinerary for La Grange only deepened the affection I have for this place that I now call home.

The La Grange itinerary is lovingly dedicated to my brave husband, Hugh Blair, who traveled even more than I did and who also called this town his "home." He died quickly and unexpectedly on Saturday, July 18th, 2015. He would have been proud.

You'll hear more from me soon on various places I continue to visit.


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