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Self-guided Tour Itineraries in Africa

One Day in Africa - A Guide to Tangier

Interrailing around Europe but yearn for somewhere completely different to end the trip? Trekking around southern Spain and tired of siestas? Or bored of your week-long beach holiday on the Costa del Sol? Then Tangier, the gateway to Africa, is the destination for you. Tangier is surely one of Mo... More Details »

Johannesburg/Pretoria: A 4-Day South Africa Tour Itinerary

This 4-day journey into the Gauteng Province of South Africa is designed to introduce you, the visitor, to the culture and people who make South Africa a magical and fascinating country. We will take you to the museums and monuments which pay tribute to former President Nelson Mandela and the end... More Details »

Cape Town - What not to miss on a 4-day first-timers' itinerary

Cape Town is one of those cities that everyone knows - an iconic city like Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, New York and London that finds itself a place on many people’s bucket lists.  The question is not so much whether to visit but when.  This itinerary helps make sense of your first visit.  It will sh... More Details »
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