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Self-guided Tour Itineraries in Asia

2 Days in Shanghai: A Budget-Conscious Peek at Modern China

  This itinerary is perfect for those who: Seek a cheap way to see Shanghai with your budget options clearly laid out. This itinerary was made with the budget-concious traveler in mind. Traveling can be expensive if you don't know where you're going or what to prepare for, especially in a city li... More Details »

Beijing Must Sees, Must Dos, Must Eats - 3-Day Tour Itinerary

Welcome to the bustling, interesting, ever changing, yet charming city of Beijing (北京), one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals and the heart of the People's Republic of China! Beijing in three days is tough, there’s a lot to see and do and one could easily spend two full weeks without getting bor... More Details »

Shanghai 3-Day Tour Itinerary

Shanghai is one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan cities China has to offer. It is so wealthy in diversity and cultural experiences that it can be tough to sift through the best options. In the last decade, Shanghai has turned into one of the most modern and futuristic cities in the world, but it... More Details »

Between the Skyscrapers - Hong Kong 3-Day Discovery Tour

Planning for a trip to Hong Kong!? This guide is designed for YOU! Hong Kong is the crossroads where east meets west. The former British colony was handed over to China in 1997. As a Special Administrative Region, a frontier still separates the metropolis and Mainland China. The 150-year colonial... More Details »

3-Day Budget Delhi Itinerary

  Planning a quick trip to Delhi? Here is a 3-day budget itinerary with 1-day trip (optional) to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. This 3-day budget itinerary will give you a chance to explore Delhi in a relaxed manner, while getting to see the most essential parts of the city. The itinerary will offer ... More Details »

3 Days Highlights of Mumbai

Planning a first-time trip to Mumbai? OR have you already been to Mumbai? But the real question is: Have you SEEN and EXPERIENCED Mumbai? What are you looking for when travelling to this beautiful city? Visiting important landmarks, experiencing the unique cultures and food and shopping, and enjo... More Details »

Delhi in 3 Days - A Journey Through Time

Delhi is the capital of the largest democracy in the world. With a population of 16 million (and growing), Delhi can be overwhelming to a first time visitor. Therefore, my advice is to go gentle on your first day so that you can take in the essence of Delhi – its sound (which will be loud to t... More Details »

Kolkata (Calcutta): 2 Days of Highlights

Kolkata is one of the most historically & culturally influential cities in all of Asia. While it’s a typical Indian city with the noise, air pollution, and narrow, crowded, sweaty side-streets, there’s an air of sophistication that hangs in the air, giving the people of Kolkata a grandeur and... More Details »

A 3-Day Tryst with 300-Year-Old Kolkata

Welcome to the 300-year-old historic ‘City of Joy’ Kolkata. Also known as ‘The Cultural Capital of India’ or the ‘City of Processions’, Kolkata has been witness to some major political and cultural revolutions since its birth. Capital of British India until 1911, the centre-point of Bengal Renais... More Details »

Art and Culture in Ubud, Bali – 1-Day Highlights

This itinerary is the ideal introduction to Ubud, Bali and it's amazing culture. You get to see all the evocative sights, fabulous art venues and photogenic traditional village life. All the attractions are centrally located and just minutes apart on foot, making it a leisurely, hassle free walki... More Details »

Go with the Sun to Borobudur & Prambanan in 1 Day

This itinerary describes a full day of sightseeing in Yogyakarta on Java Island in Indonesia. Three of the main attractions in the city, Borobudur, Prambanan temples and Mount Merapi, are packed together in a fantastic day's journey. You will be taken from the city of Yogyakarta through sunrise a... More Details »

3-Day Highlights of Tokyo

This itinerary is the perfect introduction to Tokyo – an amazing city that can be both exciting and challenging, especially for the first-time visitor. It includes 3-days of the best sights to see in the city, within close proximity to each other, helping you to avoid getting lost and to get t... More Details »

Tour Narita During an Airport Layover

Have you wasted more tedious hours than you can count browsing duty-free perfumes and (unsuccessfully) trying to hunt down wifi during a long international layover? Want to be able to use this time to fully experience a country's culture instead? Yeah, I thought so. As a major airport in East Asi... More Details »

Nozawa Onsen's Winter Secrets - A 3-Day Tour

Heard of Japan's tucked away snow village, Nozawa Onsen? Don't worry, most people haven't. This local-run town is high up in the mountains and gets some of the country's best powder snow, complete with all the tree runs and pristine backcountry a skier or snowboarder could ever dream of. Get acce... More Details »

3 Days in the Vibrant City of Seoul and the Serene Countryside of Gapyeong

It’s your first time in South Korea and of course you are excited to see all the top tourist destinations. You want to go around Seoul, but at the same time experience a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But then you only have a limited time – 3 days, to be exact – to visit all the... More Details »

Manila on a Budget: 2-Day Itinerary

  The capital of the Philippines is a fascinating mix of cultures, but it can also be a tough place to explore without guidance. This itinerary aims to give visitors a step-by-step guide to the most interesting places to see, the best ways to get around, and the tastiest food Manila has to offer ... More Details »

A 3-Day Thrilla in Manila then Flee to the Sea

Coming to Manila for the first time and want to make sure you don’t miss out on the best the city has to offer?  Are you looking to see the coolest parts of the city that tourists always miss?  Or have you just decided to come to Manila and want to make sure you can navigate this colossal ci... More Details »

The Very Best of Moscow in 3 Days

This itinerary is the perfect way to see the highlights of Moscow in just a few days. It includes all of the must-see sights as well as a few off the beaten path sights that will make your time in Moscow unique. The itinerary includes both a set timetable and list of locations to see, as well as ... More Details »

Saint Petersburg in Three Days

This itinerary is the perfect way to see the highlights of Saint Petersburg in just a few days. It includes all of the must-see sights as well as a few off the beaten path sights that will make your time in Saint Petersburg unique. The itinerary includes both a set timetable and list of location... More Details »

Family Friendly Singapore - 3 Days in the Lion City

This itinerary is ideal for anyone with a penchant for art and culture and who just cannot resist Singapore's world famous cuisine and shopping!  It is also perfect for families with a wealth of fun attractions and sights for curious youngsters.  It includes a comprehensive 3-day itinerary which ... More Details »

Singapore: 3 Fun-Filled Days on this Tiny Island

An Itinerary with True Singaporean Flavor Singapore is more than just a country of shopping and good food. Apart from our world renowned cleanliness, we also have fantastic tropical weather all year round, many different cultures converging in one place, as well as world class entertainment that ... More Details »

The Affordable Side of Singapore: A 4-Day Itinerary

Are you traveling on a tight budget? Do you like sightseeing, amazing sunsets, nature, animals, walking and shopping and taking lots of photos? Singapore is a culturally diverse country, ranging not only from the amalgam of people who have ended up here, including Malaysian, Indian, Arabic, Chine... More Details »

A First Timer's Guide to 3 Days in the City that Barely Sleeps - Singapore

Why pick me? Do you not want to do the extensive research needed to plan an itinerary by yourself? Do you not want to be brought around by a tour guide either? What’s that, you want to be able to enjoy the key attractions without breaking the bank? Is 3 days all you have got? Fret not, I will sho... More Details »

The Two Worlds of Kaohsiung in 5 Days

Kaohsiung is a city that takes its time in showing its true colors. It can be intimidating, with everything in an unreadable language and a seemingly fasted-paced nature. For those who are just passing through, I am hoping to give you a glimpse of the city I've fallen in love with. This itine... More Details »

72 Hours in Taipei: The All-rounder

A 3-day whirlwind tour of the capital city of the island formerly known as Formosa; Taipei, Taiwan. World famous for its food (just google Esquire Taipei), its natural hot springs, and increasingly on the radar as one of the coffee capitals of the world, tourists are fast waking up to what Taipei... More Details »

The Ins and Outs of Bangkok: A 3-Day Guide

This guide will give you a wide taste of Bangkok, both its traditional sights along with the more eclectic, off the beaten path places many tourists don’t get to. As the city is very large, hot, and crowded, with horrible traffic, we have tried to keep you on the Skytrain, subway, or river ferrie... More Details »

Girls' Weekend in Bangkok: Shop, Spa, Savour, Swoon

Bangkok is a fabulous place to be a woman. You can live like a princess for a quarter of what it would cost you in the West. The shopping and fashion is second to none, but you have to know where to look. The food is delicious and nutritious, and if you go to the right places, you won't believe h... More Details »

Saigon 3-Day Beyond the Guidebook Itinerary

A common sight in Saigon is to see travelers wandering around clutching Lonely Planet guidebooks, or perhaps standing on a street corner trying to figure out where they are on the tiny maps provided in said book. While such guidebooks certainly have their uses, they don't really dig too deeply in... More Details »
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