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Self-guided Tour Itineraries in North America

The Best of Toronto - 2-Day Itinerary

Summary: This 2-day itinerary is an excellent introduction to the city of Toronto! It will guide you through the different neighborhoods of Toronto, including: Downtown, Kensington Market, Chinatown, the Distillery District, Centre Island, and Yorkville. It includes attractions that the tourist w... More Details »

Toronto: A Multicultural Retreat (3-day itinerary)

Toronto is known as one of the most multicultural cities in the world. The theme that weaves this itinerary together is the city’s rich composite of flavors and landscapes — diverse neighborhoods, cultures, and delicious food from the world over. This 3-day itinerary ties together the best attrac... More Details »

Relax in Halifax for Two Days Like a Local

When people think of Halifax, they think of Theodore Tugboat. Maybe lobster. Sometimes wind. All of these are fair and accurate descriptions, and none do the full city justice. Halifax is a real, terrific "Canadian" city -- it's inescapably laid back, culturally vibrant and very, very local. Unde... More Details »

An Insider’s Guide to Toronto: Explore the City Less Traveled in Three Days

This three-day itinerary is not merely a revelation of Toronto’s many lesser-known and less-traveled places, but also a journey to discover what makes Toronto so special and vibrant. All the places listed on this itinerary are carefully selected from the author’s firsthand experience, so I will b... More Details »

New Orleans 3-Day Itinerary

This itinerary is for those who want to get a true New Orleans experience, and in the words of New Orleans' Jazz great, Louis Armstrong, to "know what it means to miss New Orleans". It includes 3 days of authentic New Orleans' music, food, and culture. Visit the historic New Orleans' French Quart... More Details »

An Active 2-3 Days In Moab, Utah

Moab has long been a haven for those who love the outdoors. In addition to being the easiest home base from which to visit Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Moab is home to some of the best mountain bike trails in the world. There are a lot of things to see around the city of Moab. This guid... More Details »

Famous Art & Outstanding Restaurants in Chicago 1-Day Itinerary

You have one day in Chicago and you love food and art? Well, it just so happens I can help you out with that. My itinerary will guide you through Chicago's famous art landscape AND tell you where to eat food by famous chefs without spending a fortune. You'll see Millennium Park, the famous "Picas... More Details »

3-Day Chicago Highlights Itinerary

This itinerary is a great introduction for the first-time visitor to Chicago. It includes 3 full days of the best sights and neighborhoods to see in the city and allows you to benefit from a local's tips on where to eat, what to do and how to get around!  You will also enjoy detailed, turn-by-tur... More Details »

Atlanta 3-Day Highlights

Each day in Atlanta is a surprise and this itinerary reflects that. It takes you to tourist spots like the Georgia Aquarium and balances that out with trips to lesser-known neighborhoods like Cabbagetown. I tried to keep as much diversity in attractions as possible in such a big city.  What you'l... More Details »

Washington, DC in 4 Days

This guide presents a very ambitious itinerary that packs in most of the major attractions in just four days.  Be prepared to walk; especially on the first day as you travel from the White House and along the National Mall.  Washington, DC city blocks are longer than the maps below indicate and a... More Details »

Chicago Food, Art and Funky Neighborhoods in 3 Days

Let’s say you have 3 days of vacation and you want to see Chicago. First off, you only have 3 days? Tragedy! Chicago deserves at least 3 weeks. But since you want to make the most of your time, buy this itinerary because it gives you 3 packed days that show off the highlights and dimly lit nights... More Details »

Las Vegas on a Budget - 3-Day Itinerary

This itinerary is the best introduction to Las Vegas on the cheap. It includes free and cheap activities around the best casinos in Las Vegas. You will also get: Tips on where to find good, cheap food in the city Tips on where to learn about the art and architecture of the city Tour ideas for lea... More Details »

Orange County 3-Day Budget Itinerary

A visit to Orange County doesn't mean you have to spend money like the Real Housewives! Using this itinerary will allow you to see some of the best sights in Orange County without breaking the bank. It includes attractions that a tourist will enjoy but that locals appreciate, too. There are maps ... More Details »

Tucson: 3 Days at the Intersection of Mexico, Native America & the Old West

  Like the title states, the spirit of Tucson encompasses many cultures and a colorful and varied history. My 3 day itinerary offers a tasting menu of possibilities including vivid art and architecture, the best Mexican food and sunset views, historical reenactments and a tour through Tombstone, ... More Details »

Best of the Best: Three-Day San Diego Itinerary

This itinerary is the perfect introduction to San Diego. It includes 3 days of the best sights to see in the city and extensive maps and directions to keep you from getting lost. There are some tourist must sees and some local secret attractions as well. You may be able to find some of these plac... More Details »

Pittsburgh: Three Days Off the Beaten Path

You can find any number of travel guides to Pittsburgh that focus on sports arenas and sandwiches made with coleslaw and French fries between the bread. This is not that kind of guide. This guide/itinerary has been created to show you the off-the-path Pittsburgh. It’s a town with a vibrant arts c... More Details »

Las Vegas - Gaming Destination Diversions - Ultimate 3-Day Itinerary

Updated: Summer 2015 Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas. Where else in the world can you wander the streets of New York, explore the ramparts of a castle, walk like an Egyptian, stroll the streets of Paris, experience the joyous songs of Venice and wonder at the fountain’s of Rome all within a few mil... More Details »

Baltimore: A Harbor, Parks, History, Seafood & Art - 3-Day Itinerary

Welcome to Baltimore, Maryland! Or, as locals call it, “Bawlmore, Merlin.”  Get ready to immerse yourself in the blend of a diverse city full of quirky surprises and deep historical roots. Baltimore, the central hub of The Old Line State, is a symbolic bridge of the north and south division—and h... More Details »

3-Day Amazing Asian Food Tour of New York City!

It doesn't matter if you've been to New York once, twice, or even thrice, you'll be hard-pressed to squeeze in all the culinary offerings that the city has to offer. And yes, you've experienced a little food envy when people you know return from a trip to NYC, only to boast that they were lucky e... More Details »

San Francisco 2-Day Highlights Itinerary

Which one of these is you? It’s your first time in San Francisco. You want to do the “must-see” activities but want to get that true local view of the city that most tourists miss.OR You’ve been to (or even live in) San Francisco but have never really SEEN San Francisco. It’s time to go beyond th... More Details »

Two Days in Philadelphia

This itinerary is the perfect way to see the highlights of Philadelphia in a weekend. It includes all of the must-see sights as well as a few off the beaten path sights that will make your time in Philadelphia unique. The itinerary includes both a set timetable and list of locations to see, as we... More Details »

Family Weekend in Columbus, OH

Columbus is a great city for families! And with so much to offer – like the best zoo, science center and library in the country – it’s a great place to take a weekend trip. While it may be in a “flyover state”, don’t underestimate how much this great mid-western city has to offer kids of all ages... More Details »

New Haven Highlights: Art, Culture & History 3-Day Itinerary

New Haven, also known as the Elm City, is called the "cultural capitol of Connecticut" for a good reason: a long-standing commitment to the arts that continues to flourish in the 21st century. This itinerary is geared towards those who like to experience art, culture and history up close and pers... More Details »

Local's Guide to Oahu - 3-Day Tour Itinerary

Anyone who's ever visited Oahu will tell you some of their favorite places, but can any of them tell you where to avoid the tourist traps?  This 3-day itinerary will focus on all the secrets the locals don't want you to know, including the best time to visit places and plenty of must-try restau... More Details »

Downtown Los Angeles 1-Day Walking Tour

Discover another side of Los Angeles beyond the glam and glitter of Hollywood with this walking tour of Downtown Los Angeles. We will take you through some of Los Angeles most historic sites and most interesting ones! This itinerary will have you exploring 4 different neighborhoods and even take ... More Details »

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles - 1-Day Tour

Do you want to be treated like a Pretty Woman or be arrested by the sight of a Beverly Hills Cop? If so, then this tour of Beverly Hills is just the one for you. The city of the very rich and ridiculously famous is just 5.7 square miles but has the most infamous zip code on the planet - 9021... More Details »

6-Hour "Layover" Chicago

So you're visiting Chicago City and don’t know where to go and what to do? It’s okay to feel this way, after all, Chicago IS the second biggest city of the United States of America, second to New York.   If you have a layover at O’Hare International airport and want to see Chicago City for 6 hour... More Details »

3 Day PA Dutch Country Highlights (Lancaster County, PA)

Lancaster County is an eclectic mix of old and new world, city and country, Amish and "English". It is an ideal place to visit for art-lovers, die-hard shoppers, historians, antique junkies, or the curious! This itinerary will allow you to experience the following. The Amish and Mennonite Communi... More Details »

Ohio State Game Day Weekend

Ohioans are serious about football.  Really, really serious.  Love The Buckeyes or hate The Buckeyes, if you’re a fan of college football, experiencing an Ohio State home game is a must.  And even if you’re not a big football follower, being surrounded by 100,000+ cheering fans is enough to make ... More Details »

Lower Key, Lower Cost: Lower Manhattan - 1-Day Itinerary

Is this you? You've been to New York City before. You've seen Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, and Times Square. Now you want to get off the beaten track, save some money, and avoid tourist traps. Because you're not a tourist—you're a visitor. OR You've never been to New York City, but ... More Details »

A Day on Bainbridge Island

Leave the city behind for a day and escape to charming Bainbridge Island, Washington.  Just a ferry ride away from Seattle, you'll enjoy shopping, strolling, and sightseeing in a relaxed atmosphere with friendly locals and extraordinary cuisine. You can travel this itinerary entirely on foot, or ... More Details »

New York City's Lower East Side, 1-Day Tour Itinerary

You've visited New York City before and already crossed the Statue of Liberty and Times Square off your list… now you’re ready for a detour off the beaten tourist path.  After pushing past the crowds at Rockefeller Center, explore the as-yet-undiscovered Lower East Side (the historical heart of N... More Details »

New York City - First Timer's 2-Day Walking Tour

So, it’s your first time in New York City and you want to see all the obvious, classic NYC sights, and those off-the-beaten tourist path gems.  This two-day walking itinerary will take you along iconic 5th Ave as you explore the Manhattan essentials (think Rockefeller Center) and uncover hid... More Details »

Boston 2-Day Historic Highlights Itinerary

So, you want to get to know Boston. Not a formal handshake, but an in-depth conversation. "Hi, Boston! Tell me about yourself." You know that it is the birthplace of so much of United States history -- Paul Revere's midnight ride, the Boston Tea Party, the Great Molasses Flood of 1919. You didn't... More Details »

Beyond the Vine: 2-Day Napa Tour

Disconnect from the everyday and immerse yourself in and enjoy a two-day cultural indulgence tour in Downtown Napa.  Usually when you think of Napa Valley, you think of wine; vast vineyards of grapes on sloping hills, winery tours, and wine tastings.  But, what if you are looking for more than ju... More Details »

Three Days Livin' as a True and Local Portlander

Portland is a brilliant and bizarre place. We are known for our ridiculously large array of food carts, microbreweries, and hipsters. This is all true and does exist and is wonderful, but there is also so much more to this city that the average tourist does not discover. This itinerary is three d... More Details »

Los Angeles Highlights 3-Day Itinerary

This three-day Los Angeles highlights tour is perfect for first time visitor to the City of Angels. Los Angeles is the second most traffic congested city in the US, so to be sure you navigate this vast city like a local, this itinerary takes the work out of getting the best route so you spend les... More Details »

Day Trip from New York City: Mountains, Falls, & a Funky Town

DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBE YOU? You enjoy hiking in the fresh mountain air.  You are visiting New York City for a few days or longer.   You venture off the beaten path when you travel and like to find unique hidden gems most tourists don't know about.  You love taking photographs of landsca... More Details »

3-Day Discover Orlando Itinerary

Are you heading to the sunshine state and not sure what to see? Then this 3-day getaway to Orlando, Florida itinerary is for you. Whether it's a weekend with the family, your friends, or your love, this itinerary offers fun for everyone! The itinerary includes Florida’s best kept secret - Discov... More Details »

Tackling 10 Must-Dos on the Big Island in 3 Days

The island of Hawaii, better known as the Big Island, is the largest Island in the state of Hawaii. It's bigger than all of the islands in the chain combined, and it's also the largest island in the United States. With more than 4,000 square miles to explore, where does one begin, and what are th... More Details »

Day Trip from New York City: Heights of the Hudson Valley (Bridges and Ridges)

DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBE YOU? You love the thrill of heights.  You geek out photographing beautiful vistas and natural landscapes.  You are visiting New York City for a few days or longer.   You venture off the beaten path when you travel and like to find unique hidden gems most tourists ... More Details »

Weekend Day Trip from New York City: The Wine & Whiskey Trail

DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBE YOU? You relish drinking a glass of wine in a beautiful outdoor setting on a weekend afternoon.  You geek out about micro-batch anything (but especially bourbon & whiskey!).  You are visiting New York City for a few days or longer.   You venture off the beaten... More Details »

A Laid-Back Long Weekend in Austin, TX

Austin attracts gazillions of visitors each year for its famous events: SXSW, ACL, and now Formula 1 racing. If you come to Austin for a huge event, you'll get a sense of how cool the city is, but by the very nature of huge festivals, you'll miss out on one of the best things about life in Austin... More Details »

Brooklyn, NY 2-Day Foodie Tour

Perhaps this isn't your first time to New York City and you are looking for something a little more than skyscrapers and Central Park. New York is known for its food and all the best chefs are wising up and opening up shop in New York City's best borough - Brooklyn!  If you love food and only wan... More Details »

Los Angeles On A Budget - 4-Day Tour Itinerary

This four-day Los Angeles itinerary is perfect for visitors on a low budget to the City of Angels. With this itinerary you will save tons of money on expensive guided bus tours but will still get to see the popular sights of Los Angeles, with some off the tourist trail suggestions that locals enj... More Details »

Navigating Centuries of Boston's Nautical History in One Day

Ever find yourself in Boston on business or scoping out one of the area universities and end up with a bit of time on your hands? You want to take in an overview of the city's diverse offerings but every map you pick up is either too long or forces you to choose between a historical or a nautical... More Details »

Day Trek Along the Hudson River

In recent years, the west side of the Hudson River has been transformed from rusted out terminals for cruise ships, water ferries and tourist boats to spots of greenery. While Battery Park City, Hudson River Park and the New York City Parks & Recreation Department each promote their own ware... More Details »

Five Days in the Wild Outer Banks of North Carolina

Go bear watching, catch sight of an elusive red wolf, watch dolphins swim alongside your boat. see where the Wright Brothers first took off then try to fly your own glider on the nearby dunes, share a glass of wine alone with someone special on an abandoned beach. Where can you do all this? The O... More Details »

Wine, Food, and Fun: 3 Days in Napa Valley

Are you planning your first visit to beautiful Napa Valley? Or have you been there before but would like ideas for how to make your next visit a perfect one? This 3-day guide to this beautiful area of Northern California wine country provides everything you need, whether you're a first-time or re... More Details »

Girls' 3-Day Weekend Summer Getaway in Asheville, NC

Take a few days with the girls to get away from it all. There's plenty to do in Asheville, North Carolina, and this itinerary shows you how to do it without breaking the bank! Asheville, NC is fast becoming one of the most popular vacation destinations on the East Coast. There are a lot of good r... More Details »

Hollywood, Los Angeles - 1-Day Walking Tour

This 1-day Hollywood itinerary covers the most famous Boulevard in America - Hollywood! Chock full of history, this tour takes you from Hollywood past to Hollywood present.  Save money on expensive guided tours with this itinerary that focuses on the popular places of Hollywood, with a few lesser... More Details »

Sunset Strip, Los Angeles - 1-Day Walking Tour

This 1-day Sunset Strip itinerary covers the most famous area of Sunset Boulevard! Chock full of history, this tour saves you money on expensive guided tours and focuses on the popular places of The Strip, with a few lesser known suggestions. Most bus tours whizz down the strip briefly, allowing ... More Details »

Jewish New York in Two Days

Chewy everything bagels, fresh out of the oven, smeared with cream cheese and topped with lox. Giant deli sandwiches piled high with pastrami and corned beef. Piping hot potato knishes from street corner vendors. So much of what is quintessentially New York comes from the city’s Jewish population... More Details »

Corpus Christi: The Insider Guide for a 4-Day Tour

It’s your first vacation to the Texas Riviera, Corpus Christi to be specific! You are thinking of sandy beaches and aching to dive into that sparkling, cool blue salt water. You want the relaxation of the beach, but you also feel the need for fun and excitement sprinkled throughout your stay. You... More Details »

Three Days in Central California's Wine Country

Danish windmills? Ruby red pinot noir? Insect candy? Stunning views of the Pacific Ocean? Riding on the dunes? One of the most famous bathrooms in the world? The only way to see all of this on a three-day visit to the Central Coast of California is to understand how to make the most out of geogra... More Details »

Louisville: Three Days in Derby City

Bourbon, Boxers, Bets, Bats, Baseball, and a visit from Al Capone and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Louisville's colorful past and its modern energy make it an ideal city to visit. This three-day itinerary is geared to the first-time visitor who wants to know what to see when visiting Derby City. Whether ... More Details »

The Best of Boulder, CO: A Three-Day Guide

Maybe you're coming for the mountains, the skiing or climbing or hiking or biking drawing you out to this small city at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Maybe it's the research, the universities, the start-ups, the tech companies, the innovation that Boulder seems to encourage. Maybe you're curio... More Details »

The Tech Lover's 48-Hour Travel Guide to Silicon Valley & San Francisco

This itinerary to the geeky sights of San Francisco and Silicon Valley offers 48 hours of sights and tips specifically designed for tech-interested people who are interested in the startup and tech world of the Bay Area and might even consider moving to the Valley or Downtown San Francisco. This ... More Details »

New York Like A Native: Five Boroughs in Six Days

Sure, Manhattan’s great. But, why stop there? There’s more to the city than skyscrapers, and you won’t find the “real” New York in the lobby of a landmark. Skip the lines, high prices, and headaches that plague other Big Apple tourists and experience everything New York has to offer. In New York ... More Details »

Summer in Jackson Hole: Local Tips for the Perfect Three to Five Day Adventure

Step back in time, into the Wild West, into the days of America's first national park: Jackson Hole is your portal. Whether you're hoping to explore the mountains, the water, the wildlife, or the galleries (or a little of each), this itinerary will direct you to the best sights, experiences and h... More Details »

A Local's Guide to the Hamptons 3 Day Itinerary

As a Hamptons local for over twenty years, I will guide you through the three most popular towns out east, include the most unique, local hideaways, how to beat that Hamptons weekend summer traffic, share money saving and insider tips and uncover the tricks of the trade to make the most out of ... More Details »

San Francisco Foodie Weekend Itinerary

You're in San Francisco, you're psyched to see the sights, but first - you're starving! Designed for the foodie in all of us, this itinerary will point you in the direction of some of the city's tastiest - and wallet-friendly - destinations! Find out where the locals go for their breakfast sausag... More Details »

Los Angeles 4-Day Itinerary (partly using Red Tour Bus)

Los Angeles is the most traffic congested city in the US, and the prospect of driving in it is overwhelming for visitors. Using the City Sightseeing buses, this guide shows you how to see the very best and diversity of Los Angeles, without having to worry about driving or traffic! If you buy this... More Details »

Rainy Day Boston One-Day Itinerary

Boston is a great walking city; however, if it's raining, there are less things to do and see since some attractions are better for nicer days. Here are a few things to do indoors, no matter what the weather is outside! This one-day itinerary will feature some great museums and things to do indoo... More Details »

Beer Lovers 3-Day Guide To Northern California

Benjamin Franklin said, "Beer is proof God exists and wants us to be happy." He could have easily said the same thing about the breathtaking natural beauty of northern California. In this itinerary, we combine these two extraordinary pleasures into one exquisite three-day adventure. Come with us ... More Details »

Palm Springs, Joshua Tree & Salton Sea: A 3-Day Itinerary

Palm Springs is Los Angeles favorite escape from the hustle and bustle of city living. There's plenty to see in the desert, from weird art to strange museums, to a Zen-like experience, 400 species of birds, fine art, and having dinner where the Rat Pack used to hang out - the desert has something... More Details »

Wichita From Cowtown to Air Capital in 2 Days

This guide was designed to help visitors explore both Wichita's unusual past and the modern city it has become. There is so much to do in Wichita, including over 33 museums, 28 art galleries, 22 attractions, 22 live theaters, 17 festivals, and 8 shopping districts. It can be very difficult for vi... More Details »

A Local's Guide to Montauk, New York in 2 Days - From the Ocean to the Hills

If you are looking for a seaside town rich in history, a double dose of relaxation, a family friendly hamlet, and a little spice of adventure, search no further then Montauk, New York. The sky is truly the limit for your vacation to the very tip of the eastern end of Long Island. Recently declare... More Details »

Cruisin' Asbury like a Local in 1 Day

This one-day guide will give you the opportunity to casually get to know the city walking about (plus cycling if you like to) and enjoying some of its local sites, history, and food. A little pinball, maybe some bowling, and a peek at AP's world famous live music venues. Asbury Rocks! More Details »

2 Days Exploring Haunted Key West

In 1521, when Ponce de Leon and his crew discovered Key West, they called it “Cayo Hueso”. Translation: “Bone Key”. The island was literally covered with bones before being cleared out and built on. Every structure standing in Key West today has been built on what once was a mass burial ground. I... More Details »

Savannah 3-Day Highlights Itinerary

So you are planning on visiting Savannah? If this is your first visit to Savannah then there is so much for you to do, see, and experience, that most tourists never get the chance too. Soak in the Southern hospitality, country food, and rich history of Savannah, GA, in three days. Take a glimpse ... More Details »

Lesser-known Oahu in 4 Days on a Budget

"Great book. Lots of good info including bus routes. There were some well known places but lots of out of the way stuff." - Wanda from Goodreads Oahu is not just a vacation destination; it offers so much more … Who is this Oahu itinerary for? This is not an itinerary for tourists, but for budget ... More Details »

RVA Haunts, History, and Hospitality: Three Days in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond (or RVA) may be small, but it's an exciting and historic city that spans the centuries. The city is filled with American history, including Civil War battlegrounds, important African American sites, diverse architecture, and even St John's Church, home of Patrick Henry's infamous "give m... More Details »

Three Days in the Sunshine City of St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg, Florida is a city on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It's known for its warm weather, proximity to the beach, and wide variety of museums. It's often referred to as the "Sunshine City" because it averages 361 days of sunshine a year. That's good news for all of those people who want to... More Details »

Washington, DC: 3 Days Like a Local

If you are researching a trip to the Nation's Capital, you are likely overwhelmed by the lists of activities and places both free or paid to partake in during your trip. This itinerary is filled with the best of DC's most iconic attractions as well as under visited local neighborhoods. You will w... More Details »

The Weekenders Guide To Burlington, Vermont

On the eastern shores of Lake Champlain, with the Adirondack Mountains to the west and Green Mountains to the east, Burlington is the city that is a complete embodiment of Vermont. Gorgeous scenery, trendy shops, homegrown foods, and home brewed beers. Whether you are visiting in the height of su... More Details »

2-Day Los Angeles Vegan and Vegetarian Foodie Itinerary

There's much more to Los Angeles than just Hollywood starlets and a broad sandy beach. It's not just a sun-drenched, star-filled, vibrant metropolis; it's also heaven for vegans and vegetarians. With a veggie food scene so huge it would be impossible to try it all in a year, let alone a single vi... More Details »

Hidden Bars of New York City's East Village & Lower East Side: A 2-Evening Itinerary

New York is one of the world's most visited cities. Sadly this often leads to a generic experience. Most tourists stick close to Midtown where many well-known attractions like Times Square are located. Even if the museums and iconic buildings of Midtown are your main destination it is worth... More Details »

Alaska Starts Here - 3 Days in Seward

Alaska Starts Here - Seward’s motto says it all. Visitors flock to Seward during the season May to September. Located at milepost 0 of the 450 mile Seward to Fairbanks Highway, Gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park, terminus of the Alaska Railroad, Seward Highway, and numerous cruises, the small... More Details »

Portland Bike and Bite: A 2-Day Itinerary

With upwards of 180 miles of bike lanes, over 79 miles of off-street bike paths, and a consistent spot in the top five of Bicycling magazine’s Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities, Portland is arguably one of the best places in the US to be on two wheels. It also happens to be a great place to eat. The ci... More Details »

La Grange, Kentucky: A 3-Day Tour Itinerary

You might not think a small town can offer three days' worth of activities. La Grange, Kentucky, however, is a multifaceted and historic town that appeals to train spotters, horse lovers, artists, antique freaks, gardeners, golfers, anglers, hikers, and sports fans. Located just 25 miles east of ... More Details »

Weekend Tour of Portland's Craft Breweries, Wineries, & Distilleries

Currently, Portland, Oregon boasts of having more craft breweries within its city limits than any other city, as well as being home to a growing urban winery and distillery culture. In addition, the city is host to a plethora of coffee roasters and a few chocolate factories. The following is an i... More Details »

Santa Barbara Highlights - 2-Day Itinerary

Just two hours north of Los Angeles, beautiful adobe buildings topped with red stucco roofs are nestled against the Santa Ynez Mountains in front of the Pacific Ocean. This little slice of paradise is the American Riviera - Santa Barbara! Santa Barbara is a great place to escape from the hustle a... More Details »

The Best of Kansas City: 3-Day Itinerary

What to do in a city that has it all? Make sure you see the best of Kansas City! Kansas City is known for top cuisines (and not just barbecue), a bounty of fountains, craft breweries, major league sports teams, jazz music, trains, cutting-edge theater, and art galleries. This guide takes you on a... More Details »

The Best of Phoenix & Scottsdale: 3-Day Itinerary

“God lives everywhere — but — He vacations in Arizona.” This iconic quote was written by Joseph Stacey in Arizona Highways Magazine. Mr. Stacey knew what he was talking about. Phoenix and Scottsdale are the ultimate destination cities, and for more than just the 330 days of sunshine a year. Three... More Details »
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