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An Insider's Guide to the Best of London in 3 Days

An Insider's Guide to the Best of London in 3 Days
Aerial view of central London

London is a vast city that can take months to explore, and just when you thought you’d got a handle on it, everything shifts. A new neighborhood comes into fashion, new bars open and new trends pop up (like pop-up restaurants, pop-up boutiques and pop-up galleries); only to burst like a bubble.

But follow this 3-day itinerary and you will see many of London’s most famous buildings and get the lowdown on some hidden spots. It's a great itinerary for first-time visitors, but also good for repeat visitors who want to combine London's huge history with a bit of local color. And talking of locals; Londoners have a reputation for being aloof. It’s a bit unfair, and mainly due to the fact that they are all so damn busy. If they see you struggling with a map, they’ll rarely stop to help. But if you ask, they’ll go out of their way to set you straight; and be ever-so-polite as they do so. 



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This itinerary was last updated on:
29 Jul 2016


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