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Buenos Aires Best Kept Secrets: 2-Day Itinerary

Buenos Aires Best Kept Secrets: 2-Day Itinerary
Floralis Generica

Buenos Aires,  the name evokes images of tango, steak and fútbol. But there is so much more to this rich and beautiful city that goes beyond any tourist brochure. Truth be told, there is something for everyone whether you are a nature lover or a tango aficionado. Most people know where to find Evitas grave in the Recoleta Cemetary but not everyone can say that they've been to see "Floralis Generica" (a giant metal flower that opens and dawn and closes at sunset), the Botanical gardens or even the Evita Museum.  And where in the world is Parque Tres de Febrero and what exactly is it?

The itinerary consists of a balanced mix of museums, popular attractions, parks and hidden gems that most tourists miss  as well as an appendix full of secrets about the city that only an expat would know.  There are even places on the itinerary that were a surprise to my Argentine friends who are native to Buenos Aires that they didn't even know about. The added bonus to this itinerary is that a good amount of the attractions are not only fantastic but free as well :)

When I first landed in this city in 2009, it was then that I realized how rich, complicated, and fascinating Buenos Aires was. Selecting the right guide to take with me before I left home made all the difference and I saw and experienced things that went beyond cliché tourist traps.  My guide kept me busy every single day for a whole 6 wks for hours and hours per day. Because of that experience, I have always valued and understood the power of a good guide and when my turn came, I wanted to use my knowledge of the city to make sure that others are spending less and having more fun than they could possibly dream of in a city that never sleeps.....

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18 Apr 2012


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