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Johannesburg/Pretoria: A 4-Day South Africa Tour Itinerary

Johannesburg/Pretoria: A 4-Day South Africa Tour Itinerary
This is South Africa . . .

This 4-day journey into the Gauteng Province of South Africa is designed to introduce you, the visitor, to the culture and people who make South Africa a magical and fascinating country. We will take you to the museums and monuments which pay tribute to former President Nelson Mandela and the end of an Apartheid government, which ruled the country by division of the races and had tried, convicted, and sentenced Mandela to life imprisonment. The many commemorations of this struggle make it clear that South Africa is free today thanks to their sacrifices and that the people of South Africa are grateful and proud of their new freedom.

You will also see how Johannesburg got its start during the discovery of gold, how it's mined, and what life was like in the early days. You will visit the Cradle of Humankind, a World Heritage Site which traces our human lineage back some 3 million years through museum exhibits, archaeological sites, and a trip into the caves where historic discoveries were made. You will have the opportunity to visit and spend a night in the Lesedi Cultural Village, an authentic cluster of South African tribes who share their lifestyle, their song and dance, their cuisine, and themselves with you in an evening of magic followed by a comfortable and affordable overnight stay.

A trip to Pretoria will introduce you to the administrative capital of South Africa with its monuments and tributes to the Boers, who settled the area and fought the British, lived under their domination, and fought again until they were successful at bringing together a unified Republic of South Africa.

The last day will bring you face to face with South African culture at its finest and its poorest. From Sandton to Alexandra you will experience a taste of the opulence on one side of the street and the abject poverty on the other side (literally!) with a local, well-known, and respected personal guide who will arrange for a special afternoon and evening with an Alexandran family. You will be warmed by their hospitality and awed by their community.

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6 Dec 2012


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