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Beyond the Vine: 2-Day Napa Tour

Beyond the Vine: 2-Day Napa Tour
Cabernet Grapes (c) Brent Miller, WineCountry.com

Disconnect from the everyday and immerse yourself in and enjoy a two-day cultural indulgence tour in Downtown Napa.  Usually when you think of Napa Valley, you think of wine; vast vineyards of grapes on sloping hills, winery tours, and wine tastings.  But, what if you are looking for more than just vines?  Well, if you are keen to the "Urban Scene" then downtown Napa is just the thing for you.  Extremely walkable Downtown Napa is filled with art, music, food, and fun.

Downtown Napa celebrates the art, fun and food of the area with their DOwntown NAPApromotion. You don't need a car to enjoy Downtown Napa.  Everything is a short walk away with most activity happening in the business area and river walk districts.  However, taxis are always a great option if you just want to rest your feet.

You can venture to the vineyards or enjoy the wines of Napa with tastings at many restaurants and wine shops in the area.  If action is your thing, experience kayaking on the river or biking through the vineyards.  This itinerary is two days of indulging in the food, wine, history, music and beauty of Downtown Napa, California.

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This itinerary was last updated on:
9 Apr 2015


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