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Day Trek Along the Hudson River

Day Trek Along the Hudson River
Hudson River with view of Jersey City in background and John J. Harvey Fireboat in foreground

In recent years, the west side of the Hudson River has been transformed from rusted out terminals for cruise ships, water ferries and tourist boats to spots of greenery.

While Battery Park City, Hudson River Park and the New York City Parks & Recreation Department each promote their own wares, I have plotted out a unique path that highlights the features along the Hudson starting from Battery Park to W. 79th Street. One can walk or bike this approximately 5.8 mile trek.

  • Relax on a park bench as watch the sailboats, barges, and ferries along the Hudson. 
  • Play on an urban beach or sunbathe on a rolling greenway. 
  • Catch a fish, watch a movie, hear some sounds and more as explore this evolving urban playground.

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Author: Becky Garrison

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This itinerary was last updated on:
6 Mar 2015


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