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Mostar - A City with Soul in 1 Day

Mostar - A City with Soul in 1 Day
The Stunning Stari Most

There is always something bringing me back to Mostar and to Bosnia. After all, there are the challenging rapids to cater to the needs of the adventurers, the charm of the old medieval citadels for the romantics to indulge, the fresh tastes and aromas to attract the gourmands, and the captivating mix of cultures and identities to appeal to all history buffs out there. 

A very good Bosnian friend of mine would always tell me that Mostar is a city with soul. 

It was that precise amazing vibe given away by Mostar that hooked me and fascinated me ever since I first laid foot there: the history in the whitish stone of the Old City and Bridge, the purity of the light - dim or bright - all over the city, the turquoise shine of mysterious Neretva, and the welcoming and kind hearts of the people. What can you do but fall in love with Mostar?   

Pictures © Marcel Băncilă


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This itinerary was last updated on:
6 Mar 2015


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