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Five Days in the Wild Outer Banks of North Carolina

Five Days in the Wild Outer Banks of North Carolina
Beaches all to yourself

Go bear watching, catch sight of an elusive red wolf, watch dolphins swim alongside your boat. see where the Wright Brothers first took off then try to fly your own glider on the nearby dunes, share a glass of wine alone with someone special on an abandoned beach. Where can you do all this? The Outer Banks of North Carolina! Long well-known as a retreat for Virginians and Carolinians, the Outer Banks has more than beaches. 

This itinerary is a back-to-nature itinerary, wild beaches, otters, black bears, hang gliding, alligators and the rest. This itinerary will take you off the tourist-trap trail and get you where the guide books don't go, places only the locals know about, though it includes all the must-sees in the OBX. This itinerary is aimed at budget travelers who don't want to skimp on real experiences. If you're visiting the Outer Banks, like to be outdoors and want to go to the places that none of your friends have heard of, than this guide is for you. We'll tell you where to find empty beaches, where to look for bears and where to go for your early morning kayak.

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This itinerary was last updated on:
15 Aug 2013


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