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4 Days in Bishkek On a Budget

4 Days in Bishkek On a Budget
Locals on Ala-Too Square under the statue of local legend Manas.

New to Central Asia? Unsure how public transport works and what people eat? Have epic plans for the amazing Kyrgyz countryside but no idea what to do in Bishkek? This itinerary is for you.

Spend four days exploring Bishkek and the surrounding Chuy Valley via local transportation. Two days in the city center is enough to see the Soviet-era sites and sample local food at some of the tastiest restaurants around, as well as for a trip out to Kyrgyzstan's largest bazaar (one of the most expansive in Central Asia). After that, head out into the mountains near Bishkek for a long walk in the wild or a lazy soak in a Soviet-era sanatorium (preferably both!).

For added convenience, the index also lists useful information like popular menu items and a basic list of Kyrgyz phrases. 

Afraid you'll have other questions about Bishkek that aren't answered in the itinerary? Feel free to send me a message and I'll do what I can to help!

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8 Sep 2013


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