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Sunset Strip, Los Angeles - 1-Day Walking Tour

Sunset Strip, Los Angeles - 1-Day Walking Tour
Rainbow Bar & Grill

This 1-day Sunset Strip itinerary covers the most famous area of Sunset Boulevard! Chock full of history, this tour saves you money on expensive guided tours and focuses on the popular places of The Strip, with a few lesser known suggestions. Most bus tours whizz down the strip briefly, allowing you to glance at the sights to be seen - this tour takes you in-depth with Los Angeles's infamous party street.

This 1.5-mile walking itinerary takes the work out of getting the best route so you navigate like a local and don't miss a thing. Make the most out of your short time in Los Angeles and save hundreds of dollars doing it!


  • Food recommendations for every budget and taste.
  • Budget friendly itinerary with the opportunity to splurge for those who want to indulge.
  • Pictures and easy to understand maps of locations to help guide you around without a smartphone.
  • Suggestions for evening activities for every budget as well as money saving tips.

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This itinerary was last updated on:
21 Jun 2014


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