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Corpus Christi: The Insider Guide for a 4-Day Tour

Corpus Christi: The Insider Guide for a 4-Day Tour
Sparkling City by the Sea

It’s your first vacation to the Texas Riviera, Corpus Christi to be specific! You are thinking of sandy beaches and aching to dive into that sparkling, cool blue salt water. You want the relaxation of the beach, but you also feel the need for fun and excitement sprinkled throughout your stay. You have been to Corpus Christi on business, but have never enjoyed the chance to really experience much outside of conference room meetings and site visits. This is the time to really go beyond the board room, beyond the restaurants that are within close walking distance. This is the time to experience the flavors and stunning beauty that really makes Corpus Christi the go-to destination spot for a beach vacation in Texas. You will experience the highlights of Corpus Christi, but from a local instead of a guide book. A guide book produced by a publishing house that used Google Earth and Wikipedia for tips and sources is not what you want when you visit a new destination with so much to offer.

When you think of Corpus Christi, you might not think of top notch museums or a city brimming with culture and the arts. However, that is exactly what you will find alongside miles of white sandy beaches! What are the best times to visit the museums and where are the delectable restaurants that are slightly off the main roads? This guide will take you directly to them. Did you know that Corpus Christi has an Historic District that displays an entire neighborhood as it was in the early 1900’s? It is free to walk about and is located next to the Harbor Bridge and the Theater and Arts District for a fun day of exploring.

When asked what the must-do activity is for visitors, any local will immediately tell you to go to the beach. Not the beach along the seawall or North Beach, but Padre Island. It stretches for miles and is one of the only beaches in the country that allow vehicles to drive on the beach! If you are a foodie and have a passion for trying dishes that are unfamiliar yet fragrant and vibrantly presented, then Corpus Christi and the surrounding little seaside towns will seriously please your taste buds. Find out where the best, somewhat hidden restaurants are and how to get there. Exciting list of sights, places and adventures are yours to enjoy. Maps to each destination with detailed driving directions are also included in your itinerary.

Corpus Christi is a gorgeous coastal Texas city on the Gulf of Mexico. Referred to as the Texas Riviera, the atmosphere is inviting, relaxing and fun. This is a 4-day tour with tips from a local, guiding you towards experiencing the best vacation Corpus Christi has to offer! For those seeking a little adventure, a dose of south Texas culture, amazing food coupled with rest and relaxation... this is your trip!

My email address is provided in the itinerary if you have any additional questions. I am always happy to help! Buy the itinerary and if for any reason you are unhappy with it, Unanchor offers a full refund.

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7 Jul 2014


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