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Louisville: Three Days in Derby City

Louisville: Three Days in Derby City
Louisville Skyline, from the Belle

Bourbon, Boxers, Bets, Bats, Baseball, and a visit from Al Capone and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Louisville's colorful past and its modern energy make it an ideal city to visit. This three-day itinerary is geared to the first-time visitor who wants to know what to see when visiting Derby City. Whether you're in Louisville for work or pleasure, this guide will help you to discover all that "Possibility City" has to offer.

Three days is a perfect amount of time to explore a city the size of Louisville, if you know where to go and how to budget your time. I've tried to organize each day around geographical areas, so you can spend most of your time exploring the sites -- not traveling to them. Each day will also feature trips to bars and local restaurants to experience the food and bourbon famous throughout the world. The food is heavy on the "down-home comfort" factor, but with unique touches from haute cuisine. The museums we'll visit aren't overwhelmingly large, so we can visit several museums and sites each day. There really is more than you can do in three days, as Louisville has become a must-see destination.

This itinerary is designed with the active traveler in mind, somebody who wants to squeeze as much as they can into a full three-day visit. It's particularly aimed for those who are visiting Louisville for the first time, whether for a convention or just for fun. I've been visiting Louisville since back in the 70s and can honestly say that this is a great era of growth for the city. If you've never been to Derby City, it's time for you to visit!

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24 Dec 2013


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