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Highlights of Budapest in 3 Days

Highlights of Budapest in 3 Days
Chain Bridge

Budapest is an amazing city with so many things to see and do. It is also a "less traveled" city within Europe but one of my favorites!! The people are friendly, the food is amazing, and the sights are beautiful! Use this itinerary to get a wonderful overview of this vibrant and fun place.

If this is your first time in Budapest, you can rest assured that you will visit all those "must-do's" of a new city as well as hitting some spots that are more known to locals. I will suggest some amazing restaurants so that you'll feel you have tasted Hungarian cuisine. By the time you have to leave Budapest, you will be counting the days until you can return to this wonderful place.

Buy the itinerary and get started on your Budapest adventure today. My email is included if you have any additional questions. If you are unhappy with your purchase, Unanchor offers a full refund.

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27 Jan 2014


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