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New York Like A Native: Five Boroughs in Six Days

New York Like A Native: Five Boroughs in Six Days
Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn. Photo credit: Irene Hartmann.

Sure, Manhattan’s great. But, why stop there? There’s more to the city than skyscrapers, and you won’t find the “real” New York in the lobby of a landmark. Skip the lines, high prices, and headaches that plague other Big Apple tourists and experience everything New York has to offer.

In New York Like A Native: Five Boroughs in Six Days, you’ll find that there is plenty to see and do in the less traversed parts of the city.

  • By train, bike, ferry, and even your own two feet, see the city the way a local would – in all its glory.
  • Discover the secret skyline views of Staten Island and dine at a restaurant staffed entirely by real Italian grandmothers!
  • Trek through the cultural melting pot of Lower Manhattan (and take in a scenic downtown artwalk along the way).
  • Then, head north of Central Park for immersive tours of historic Harlem and the Bronx’s Grand Concourse.
  • Spend a day at hidden haunts in Queens. Delve into New York’s film history and enjoy a night of free comedy at the city’s latest hotspot!
  • Bike through Brooklyn for a day of art galleries, off-off-Broadway theater, and more!

Don’t suffer through throngs of tourists just to see a small fraction of this big, wonderful city. This itinerary guides you throughout the city through the eyes of a local, so you can look up from the map and experience New York for all that it is.

New York Like A Native: Five Boroughs in Six Days offers six days’ worth of off-the-beaten-path activities, many of which are free or at suggested prices. Also included are detailed maps, public transit directions, and recommendations for unique local restaurants. 

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16 Feb 2014


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