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Cuenca, Ecuador - A 3-Day Discovery Tour

Cuenca, Ecuador - A 3-Day Discovery Tour
El Barranco - Rio Tomebamba hanging houses in Cuenca, Ecuador

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Nestled in the Andean Mountains is the beautiful UNESCO heritage city of Cuenca. This charming city with its cobblestone streets and balconied buildings is a delight to explore whether on foot or by public transport. It is also an extremely affordable city to travel through and it is no wonder it has been named a number one retirement haven in the world. But, whether you are a backpacker, family with children, single, couple or senior, this city has something for everyone. Now, get ready and put your walking shoes on and with camera in hand, let's go.

Day 1 of the tour will walk you through this magical city after enjoying a traditional Ecuadorian breakfast. Explore the charm and history that Cuenca has to offer and enjoy a stroll through the flower and produce markets. They say there is a Church on every corner in Cuenca, but don't worry, we will only visit a few which you will find of great interest.

Day 2 starts with a panoramic bus tour of colonial Cuenca and then heads along past the new town to Mirador de Turi where you will see the most amazing view of Cuenca city. In the afternoon, we will visit the most impressive museum in all of Cuenca before heading back to El Centro for dinner and drinks.

Day 3 - A leisurely breakfast, trip to a museum, stroll back to El Centro and then, the best is always kept till last, a relaxing afternoon spent at the natural thermal spas in Banos.

Cuenca has fantastic restaurants and a list of these along with suggestions for breakfast and lunch are included in the itinerary appendix. Furthermore, I have included some Spanish phrases that will help you along your way and also some random tips to make your stay a pleasant one.

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10 Mar 2014


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