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Palm Springs, Joshua Tree & Salton Sea: A 3-Day Itinerary

Palm Springs, Joshua Tree & Salton Sea: A 3-Day Itinerary
Yucca Trees in Joshua Tree

Palm Springs is Los Angeles favorite escape from the hustle and bustle of city living. There's plenty to see in the desert, from weird art to strange museums, to a Zen-like experience, 400 species of birds, fine art, and having dinner where the Rat Pack used to hang out - the desert has something for everyone.

This trip provides the complete desert experience - how to get there, where to stay, great places to eat, and what to see. If you buy this itinerary, you will have fun, save money, and see a wide range of what the desert has to offer - not just the popular places of the desert, but plenty lesser known suggestions as well.

Days of this tour can be swapped around according to your needs:

Day 1 - Palms Springs - enjoy some relaxing in Hollywood's favorite get away spot.

Day 2 - Salton Sea Adventure - Amazing folk art, California's largest lake, wildlife, thousands of bananas, and much more!

Day 3 - Joshua Tree - Get your cowboy on in the High Desert, take a sound bath, visit the crochet museum, and see the incredible Yucca trees.


  • Lots of tips about visiting the desert.
  • Where to stay whatever your budget.
  • Suggestions on how to save money on your trip.
  • The best lunch and dinner suggestions to suit your wallet.
  • Pictures and maps of locations to help guide you around without a smartphone.
  • Days of the tour can be easily swapped around for your convenience.
  • Tons of activity suggestions if you want to extend your trip.
  • All destinations are suitable for travellers of any age.

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This itinerary was last updated on:
25 Aug 2014


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