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2 Days Exploring Haunted Key West

2 Days Exploring Haunted Key West
Key West

In 1521, when Ponce de Leon and his crew discovered Key West, they called it “Cayo Hueso”. Translation: “Bone Key”. The island was literally covered with bones before being cleared out and built on. Every structure standing in Key West today has been built on what once was a mass burial ground. Is it really any wonder why so many places are reportedly haunted?

Key West is home to locations rich with history of a dark variety but still beautiful to behold. This itinerary will take you to such places. 

Here are just a few examples of the variety of sites you’ll see:

Civil War era Forts:

Peaceful cemeteries:

A charming lighthouse:

A doll, said to be possessed:

There are a variety of guided tours offered throughout Key West, only a few that will share all of the haunting tales the island is littered with. You can explore on your own or with an organized tour group, the choice is yours. This itinerary gives you the information needed to take either route. Whether you’re a paranormal enthusiast or a history buff, you’ll enjoy the information this guide has to offer.

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4 Oct 2014


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