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The Best of Edinburgh: A 3-Day Journey from Tourist to Local

The Best of Edinburgh: A 3-Day Journey from Tourist to Local
View from the top: get ready to explore Scotland's crown jewel from all angles.

Welcome to Edinburgh—Auld Reekie, the Athens of the North, the City Built on Top of Seven Hills! It’s the birthplace of economics and Harry Potter; the summer hangout of the Queen; the home of the Stone of Destiny, Dolly the Sheep, and deep-fried Mars bars.

Edinburgh is a bona fide gem: it encapsulates Scotland's progressive past, presents world class art and entertainment, and offers a glimpse at the nation’s rugged landscapes (bonus: best enjoyed from extinct volcanoes that loom over the city's horizon). Working as a certified historical guide in Edinburgh's Old Town, it is my privilege and pleasure to share a true local's experience and make each visitor feel at home in the royal heart of Scotland.

Tips: Pack warm clothes and comfortable shoes (public transportation is not necessary to explore one of the most compact and walking-friendly cities in Europe), a raincoat (the rumors are true, though rainstorms tend to be brief showers with rainbows often following suit; it's also a windy city, so save your umbrella), and a camera (whether you're an expert or a novice, the frequently changing light—and weather—offers exceptional photographic opportunities).

This itinerary is designed to help you make the absolute most out of your time in Edinburgh. Using a local’s perspective means you save money where you can—“free” is a word used frequently in this guide—so you can indulge where you should. You’ll be invited to high tea at the swankiest hotel in town, and then feast your eyes on breathtaking views overlooking Salisbury crags—and that’s just one afternoon.

If you're keen to enjoy famous art, live music, dynamic history, tasty food, quirky tales, and hillside hikes then this is the guide is for you! Join me on a three-day tour that captures Edinburgh's best, by day and by night, and beckons you to explore the mysterious treasures tucked away in its nooks in crannies—where the magic awaits.

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This itinerary was last updated on:
31 Mar 2016


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