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The Weekenders Guide To Burlington, Vermont

The Weekenders Guide To Burlington, Vermont
The iconic church at the end of Church Street.

On the eastern shores of Lake Champlain, with the Adirondack Mountains to the west and Green Mountains to the east, Burlington is the city that is a complete embodiment of Vermont. Gorgeous scenery, trendy shops, homegrown foods, and home brewed beers.

Whether you are visiting in the height of summer when the city's marina is a forest of masted sailboats or in the fall when the mountains are alive with a riot of colors, there is always something to do in this city full of character and culture. On your final day, we'll sally out of Burlington to the nearby town of Waterbury, because no Vermont trip is complete without a little Ben and Jerry's.

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This itinerary was last updated on:
3 Dec 2014


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