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Day Trip From Thessaloniki to Kassandra Peninsula, Halkidiki, Greece

Day Trip From Thessaloniki to Kassandra Peninsula, Halkidiki, Greece
Athytos Beach

Halkidiki is a magnificent peninsula near the city of Thessaloniki in Northern Greece and consists of the mainland and three smaller peninsulas that spread into the North Aegean Sea. Kassandra, Sithonia, and Mount Athos (Greeks call it Agion Oros meaning "The Holy Mountain"). It is widely known for its amazing beaches and beach resorts. These three peninsulas are also known among Greeks as the ''three legs" of Halkidiki.

Halkidiki's beach prefecture has won 47 blue flags for being eco friendly!

This itinerary is about Kassandra, the first "leg" of Halkidiki. A popular summer destination, not only for Greeks, and especially people from Thessaloniki who choose to spend their weekends and summer holidays there, but also for people all around the world.

Kassandra is a stunning mixture of blue and green that combines heavenly beaches with turquoise waters and fragrant pine trees that reach right down to the beach with cosmopolitan nightlife at the numerous bars, beach-bars and clubs.

Inside this itinerary you will find:

  • Local tips that you can't find in travel books
  • Beautiful beaches to enjoy sun, and the excellent Mediterranean climate with plenty of water sports, snorkeling and diving in crystal clear waters
  • Archaeological site of Petralona Cave where history goes back 700,000 years ago and traditional villages
  • Greek cuisine based on the famous Mediterranean diet with Greek healthy products
  • Suggestions for beach bars, nightclubs, and festivals at the most lively "leg" of Halkidiki, where you will have fun like only Greeks know

There is an old saying among people of Thessaloniki: "There is NO place like Halkidiki"!

Discover the reason and have an amazing vacation!

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This itinerary was last updated on:
26 Mar 2015


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