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2-Day Tour Around Salta, the Pretty One

2-Day Tour Around Salta, the Pretty One
Salta, Argentina

This 2-day itinerary will help you to see the main attractions in the city of Salta, Argentina and some nearby places. The guide provides you with clear information about the places and activities you don't want to miss in Salta. Also included are clear tips about transportation and the best ways to move around the city.

Day 1 Overview

Your first day will take you to the best places in the city center!

Enjoy the great architecture of the main buildings and learn about Inca culture at the Archaeological Museum. Later, take a cable car ride to San Bernardo Hill then visit a traditional handicraft market and get ready to enjoy the night with folklore at a local “peña”.

Day 2 Overview

During the second day, you will explore the wild nature surrounding Salta in San Lorenzo Gorge. Later, start your evening with a peaceful walk around San Martín Park and get ready to have a fun night in the famous peñas on Balcarce Street.

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If you have any doubt or need further information, just shoot me an email - it's included in the guide.

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12 Sep 2018


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