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Famous Art & Outstanding Restaurants in Chicago 1-Day Itinerary

Famous Art & Outstanding Restaurants in Chicago 1-Day Itinerary
The Flamingo By Alexander Calder

You have one day in Chicago and you love food and art? Well, it just so happens I can help you out with that. My itinerary will guide you through Chicago's famous art landscape AND tell you where to eat food by famous chefs without spending a fortune. You'll see Millennium Park, the famous "Picasso," learn about the city's notorious architects, eat Chicago's best stuffed pizza and get restaurant recommendations from someone who used to live there.

If you have money to splurge I can point you in the right direction. Budget travelers, no worries! I've got you covered so you can see Chicago on the cheap.

What you'll get with this itinerary

1. A 13 page PDF file.

2. Cheap and free activities for budget travelers. 

3. Restaurants and activities that are worth your cash (and the ones that aren't...). 

4. Specific directions and maps from one location to another. No need for a GPS or smart phone.

5. Pictures to help you visually locate your destination.

Whether you are a budget traveler or you have money to splurge, this itinerary will show you how to enjoy a full day of art and great food with plenty of stories and pictures to remember them by. 

Take a chance, spend $2.99 and buy this itinerary. You've only got 24 hours. Make them count!

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30 Jul 2016


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