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The best travel guides are self-guided tour itineraries

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We all know how exhausting and frustrating researching the next travel destination can be! You want your customer to get all of the information they need from your itinerary so they can stop researching and start traveling!

The best question to ask yourself when writing an itinerary is, if you were a first-time traveler to the destination(s) you’re writing about, what would you want to see?

This list is going to be different for each itinerary and destination. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Prioritized list of sights & attractions to see (the itinerary). Include a rough time estimate of how long each place should take.
  • Detailed maps of the cities & countries (provide links to resources online if necessary)
  • Detailed transportation instructions — ideally including economical public transportation options
  • Sightseeing information – basic history, how to get there, how much it will cost.

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