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Itinerary Writer FAQ

How am I paid?

The money is paid via Paypal. All sales made through Unanchor are paid 30 days after the end of the month. All sales made through Amazon are paid out 60 days after the end of the month (this is Amazon's policy). There is a $10 minimum to be paid out.

Can I see a sample itinerary?

You can view a sample here: San Francisco 1-Day Example Itinerary (PDF download - 2.5mb). If you’re interested in seeing an additional sample, please send us an Email: Support [at] Unanchor [dot] com or fill out the contact us form.

How will I know when an itinerary of mine has sold?

When you login to your account you'll be able to see your latest sales information from Unanchor. Sales made through Amazon can be checked by emailing support@unanchor.com.

Can I submit multiple itinerary applications, each for a different city or group of cities?

Yes, you can submit multiple applications for all cities you feel comfortable enough writing about. However, we always recommend starting by focusing on one single itinerary, completing that and moving on to the next one.

Do I need to submit an application for each city?

No, you can submit one application with a list of cities that you'd like to write about.

After I've applied and have been accepted, is there a deadline that I have to submit by?

There is a 3-week deadline from the day you're accepted. The most important thing however is that you create a high-quality itinerary that's extremely helpful to travelers. And if you need additional time, we're more than happy to work with you. We've implemented a deadline to be fair to our other writers. There has been a lot more interest in writing than initially expected and we want to make sure our writers are taking the itinerary writing seriously.

Do I have to add the maps and pictures to the itineraries?

Yes, adding the maps and pictures is a very important part and is expected to be a part of your Unanchor itinerary. Please read our "How to Create Amazing Maps for Your Unanchor Itinerary" blog post for help on creating the maps. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What is your target demographic for the itineraries?

Because we're new, we're still working on refining our target demographic. Most of our itineraries are targeted towards budget-travelers. Right now, the best way to describe our demographic is by explaining who isn't our target demographic. You've got super-budget backpackers on one end (who tend not to spend too much money or plan ahead) and then you've got luxury travelers on the other end (who are most likely not going to plan a trip with Unanchor) and then you've got everyone else in the middle. Unanchor is targeting this middle section. Obviously within that, there are many types of travelers. I recommend writing to the demographic you feel most comfortable with within that middle section.

Can I copy-and-paste from Wikipedia (or other sites) into my itinerary?

No, we ask that all content be original and we will run it through a plagiarizer checker. However, if you would like to quote a website, you are more than welcome to do so as long as you cite where the information came from. There is an added bonus that if the traveler would like more information they now know where to go.

Where can I see the cities that have already been written about?

You can view all of our itineraries on our "Browse All Tour Itineraries" page. Keep in mind that even if a city has already been covered, we're always open to writing additional itineraries on a city, as long as it's a unique approach or targeting a different type of traveler.

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